What is QR Code

What is QR code? QR codes are black and white pixels enclosed in a small square box that leads users to a URL, image, video, or digital content. You can utilize them in dining places after printing them on posters, banners, tickets, menus, and table tents.

What Is A QR Code and How to Use It in Restaurants and Bars

There are many ways restaurants and bars can use QR codes. Knowing these allows you to maximize the usage of the codes.

What is QR Code

Digital Menu

Instead of sticking to the conventional paper menu, craft a QR code and link to a PDF version or image of your restaurant or bar's menu. After creating and printing one, you can put it around your business. It could be on table stands, posters, entrances, shopping windows, stickers, photo frames, and roll-ups.

Even better, the best QR code generator can create a dynamic QR code for you. It means the code you've printed on marketing materials will remain the same, but the content will differ. You can change the menu to exhibit the availability and unavailability of some items. The dynamic code also helps if you want your menu to change based on a schedule, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Inject some fun into displaying your digital menu around your bar or restaurant. One restaurant went above and beyond to ensure that customers saw the QR codes by printing multiple squares of the codes on the tablecloths. Customers surely would notice these.

Promotion Using Vouchers

The more you learn about your clients, the better. And the better your offer is in exchange for their details, the more information you can gather. You can increase your leads by giving away coupons using a QR code. Ask your customers to scan the code and fill out the form with their details. Once they do, they will get a one-time redeemable voucher.

24/7 Availability

Enable your patrons to learn more about your company by scanning your QR code. Let it redirect them to your menu, business hours, and contact details. If they want to drop by your restaurant or bar later, they can look through your menu and plan what to order when they visit your site.

Engage Customers

Do you want to keep in touch with patrons and prospective ones? You may ask, how can I create a QR code for this purpose? That's easy. Find a reliable QR code generator.

If you want to message customers through Facebook Messenger, provide a link to the messaging app in the QR code you will put out. The same goes if you want to use Twitter, Instagram, or any other messaging apps. Give your customers many opportunities to engage you if they have questions or concerns and want to monitor what you're doing, from advertising promos to offering new food or drinks.

Accept Reservations

Help clients save time and streamline the process of accessing your products or services with reservations. Encourage customers to scan your QR code and wait for the reservation page or waitlist section to come up. If you don't have an online system, your reservation page may show your phone number, social media page, or email address they can use to shoot a message and make a reservation.

How to Use QR Codes in Restaurants

Gather Customer Reviews

Not all patrons are fond of giving reviews, whether satisfied or not. But if you want your business to flourish, you should listen to your customers. Get their feedback using a QR code, which you can display on the table, doors, posters, and other materials, along with the digital restaurant menu. You might redirect that code to your bar or restaurant's Facebook page, Google for Business page, and Yelp.

Gain Social Media Followers

What is QR code going to be used to get more online followers? The code will be a gateway for your customers to find your social media pages. Encourage them to subscribe, follow, react, and interact with your pages. A good example is to ask your customers to tag themselves if they see their photos on the page.

Expand Your Mailing List

Having a longer mailing list will be beneficial for your promotions. It is why you need to grow your mailing list. As mentioned, you should incentivize this by providing a token every time a customer scans your QR code and fills out the form with their email address.

Thanks to Japanese engineer Hasa Masahiro, who invented the QR code, do you realize how beneficial QR codes are for your bar or restaurant? If you do and you need a QR code generator, try Formbot. It offers its services for free, like how it does its online form-building services. If you need forms to gather emails and personal details from your customers, create some forms and attach these to the QR code you will generate through FormBot. Visit FormBot.com today!