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The pandemic has significantly impacted the hospitality, travel, and leisure industries. It required people to distance themselves physically and follow protocols to prevent the spread of the disease. It has prompted businesses worldwide to rethink their strategies to adapt to the changes.

Benefits of Scanning Codes in Hotels and Restaurants

Various industries have implemented new protocols. Most turned to QR codes to provide a safer environment for their team and customers and maintain their business operations.

You can easily access a menu, website, or other resources when you scan codes like QR. This post teaches how to enhance your client's experience while dining in your restaurant or hotel.

 Scan Code

1. Healthy and Safe Environment

Aside from keeping a healthy distance and wearing masks, another way to prevent the virus from spreading is by using technology in your business.

Before the pandemic, restaurants would hand over physical paper menus so you could select the food you like. However, to limit physical interaction, they now use QR codes. People only need to scan a code and access the menu from their devices. Meanwhile, hotels use QR codes for the following purposes.

Contact Tracing Forms

Businesses are encouraged to collect their customers' details and contact information to help with contact tracing. While the regulations may vary from one place to the next, all share the same premise: collecting the essential details while protecting your data privacy.

Use our form builder to create a contact tracing form and link it to a QR code. With the assistance of a QR code generator, you can make this happen.

It will bring customers to a form as they scan the QR code online. They must enter their name, phone, email, table number, date, and time. The collected data will be stored in the cloud, and authorized personnel can download them whenever necessary.

Scan QR Code Online To Get the Welcome Pack

During the pandemic's peak, the distribution of brochures and leaflets wasn't allowed in some places. As a replacement, businesses use QR codes to share information digitally. It's not only an intelligent move to dodge the restriction, but it also has ecological and economic benefits!

Use QR Code Scanner To Check-in And Check-out

Some facility amenities like gyms and pools need access validation systems. Instead of using keys, cards, and fingerprint readers, customers can scan a code in their phones to sign up or check in.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

We can take the strategies we learned from the pandemic as we ease into the new normal. Some hotels and establishments still use QR codes to share WiFi.

When providing passwords, they can ask customers to scan a code, automatically setting up the connection. It makes signing in smoother and hassle-free.

QR codes can also help link out an instant messaging feature. We're no strangers to the fact that some tourists aren't fluent in a foreign language. Hence, it is more comfortable for them to scan a code and use an instant messaging application. As a hotel, providing this app allows them more time to translate their concerns and directly chat with the receptionist.

3.Provide a Better Tourist Experience

Your hotel will be their home for the next few days or weeks. So while your customers are on a leisure or business trip, make their stay more comfortable. Improve their experience by suggesting other places they can visit nearby.

As their primary host, you can ask them to scan a code to access different necessary information. This can bring them to websites, PDF brochures, itineraries, etc. You may also give them discounts or vouchers with your partner establishments.

 Scan QR Codes Online

4. Loyalty and Engagement

To boost your company's reputation, encourage customers to leave a review. Many potential clients visit Google, Trip Advisor, and other review sites before booking a stay. A QR code will allow current clients to access those review sites and leave their comments while staying at your hotel or upon checking out.

Social media networks are another way to keep your customers engaged. Linking review sites and social media pages through QR codes can foster loyalty among your customers.

QR Codes can be your go-to strategy for attracting and retaining customers. It is cost-effective, environment-friendly, and sanitary.

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