Making Menu Designs for QR Codes

Restaurant menus changed significantly during the pandemic, thanks to the no-touch rule to prevent the spread of the virus. You can see more in QR codes for easy scanning using the customers' phones. If you know the point of using a QR code menu, you might be curious about how to personalize the menu design and make it look like your brand.

The steps depend on the QR code generator you choose. However, they have the same path. Do not be intimidated by these QR code generators because you are not as tech-savvy as other users. It only takes a few tries to get everything right then you can master how to customize your QR code later to match your branding image.

Menu Design

Choosing a QR Code Generator

There are thousands of choices online, but choose an established one that will protect your restaurant business. You'd know this based on how many users they have, how varied their templates are, and how willing they are to let new users try their services for free. It also helps to check the QR codes they have generated before.

The best QR code maker is a secure one you can entrust your menu to and one you can confidently ask your customers to access. The last thing you need is your customers complaining about security issues after visiting your restaurant and scanning your digital menu.

Work with a QR code generator to personalize your restaurant's menu design. The more flexible they are in accommodating the colors, font types, font sizes, and other elements in creating your QR code menu, the better it is.

Easy Steps for Creating a Menu Design

Choose a user-friendly menu QR code generator. It is especially critical for first-time users who might get overwhelmed by the steps. Look for a fuss-free app that is pretty straightforward to use. Then, follow these steps:

1. Go to the code generator's website.

Try, the Free Restaurant QR Code menu generator!

2. Upload your restaurant menu as a file.

Choose the menu file you have prepared or provide the URL link to your restaurant menu.

3. Generate the QR code.

Look for the "generate" QR code button or something with a similar feature in your chosen code generator.

4. Customize the QR code.

Your QR code menu app does not have to appear like every other restaurant's menu. Pick the patterns and layout, choose unique designs, decorate the code with a frame, change the colors, and more.

5. Test the code.

Check if your generated QR code works and leads users to your restaurant menu. Make sure the code can be read by various devices, so test it with as many varied devices as possible.

6. Download the QR code.

You can save the code in PNG or SVG format. Both work well in online or print ads.

7. Deploy the new QR code menu.

Since you've tested the code earlier and it works, start printing it and putting it up all over the restaurant, advertising materials, and online resources.

Why Stylize a Menu Design

Designing your QR code makes it more eye-catching than the usual monochromatic code. Consider how popular QR codes are these days, so yours will only stand out if you stylize it. Once customized, it is easier for your customers to associate it with your brand, from the menu design's color to its patterns and font type.

Why Use Dynamic QR codes

If you want to prepare your restaurant menu QR code for future changes, use dynamic QR codes. These codes allow users to change the data of the QR code. You'll need it to remove items, add new ones, or change the prices or photos.

A dynamic QR code lets you do the following things:

  • Change the content of the QR code without changing the code
  • Make the changes to the data anytime
  • Use the same QR code for marketing, business, and advertisement for an extended period
  • Save money and time because you don't need to change the format of your restaurant menus, flyers, or other materials
  • Track every scan made

Restaurant QR Code Menu

If you want to continue doing business safely without the inconvenience of modifying the QR codes every time something new changes in the menu, go for the dynamic type. You can differentiate your QR code menus from others by personalizing your code in color and font.

Switch up your restaurant menus with QR code menus. Use FormBot to create free QR code menus and find a dynamic one so it will be easier to accommodate changes in the future. Formbot helps you make free QR codes and online forms and lets you use free templates. If you want to see how the QR code menus will fare in your restaurant, visit today!

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