How to Scan From iPhone

A Japanese engineer initially invented QR codes to track equipment in the manufacturing line. But through the years, their use has evolved to have multiple functions. You can now see them used in restaurant menus, app downloads, business cards, food packages, train stations and bus stops, customer surveys, scan-to-pay signages, coupons, and more.

A Guide To Creating QR Codes For Inventory Management

Another critical use for them is for handling inventory management. But if you only have a phone with you most of the time, it helps if you know how to scan a QR code from an iPhone or other mobile devices.

Employees in storage warehouses are pleased with using their smartphones to scan inventory as their devices are more accessible and easy to figure out.

Steps on Generating QR Codes for Stock Managemen

  1. Look for a QR code generator that creates dynamic outputs critical to inventory management.
  2. Pick a QR code type if there are available templates.
  3. Input the inventory tracking information to serve as the content of the QR code.
  4. Personalize the QR code to reflect your brand colors, font style, and logo.
  5. Scan the square boxes to see if it works and how fast it gets scanned. If you want quick stock management, QR codes must be easily scannable.
  6. Download the generated QR code in your preferred image format and have them printed.
 How to Scan From iPhone

Step-by-Step Process on How to Scan a QR Code From iPhone or Other Devices

  1. Launch your camera from the Control Center, Home Screen, or Lock Screen.
  2. Use the rear-facing camera and point it at the code until it becomes visible on the app's viewfinder. Your Apple device automatically discerns the code and a notification pops up.
  3. Open the notification to access the inventory management content of the QR code.

Apart from our "how to scan a QR code from an iPhone" guide for Apple devices, we also put instructions for Android device users.

  1. Open the built-in camera application with Android OS on a tablet or phone.
  2. Ensure the QR code appears on the screen.
  3. Click on the notification banner that pops up.
  4. Follow the instructions and navigate the QR code's content link.

Meanwhile, if you're using Android OS and planning to use Google scanner, here's how to do it:

  1. Initiate the Google app and access the camera.
  2. Choose how you want the scanning process to unfold. You can use the app's QR mode and point the camera's device at the code. Another mode is the default photo mode, where you also need to focus the camera on the QR code.
  3. Click the banner that surfaces on the device to open the code's content.

Why Use QR Codes to Manage Inventory

Why bother to put inventory management details in QR codes and generate them? The following benefits are good enough reasons to do it:

QR codes save space.

They can be as tiny as 1 cm x 1 cm, but they can hold large amounts of data, 100x more than barcodes can store. You can put them on product packaging to easily manage inventories.

QR codes are customizable.

Their colors are changeable. You can also insert a logo or background image on the code to exhibit your brand.

QR Code Scanner for iPhone

QR codes are easily scannable.

Most smartphones these days can automatically recognize QR codes without using an external app. They can even check these codes from various angles.

QR codes support real-time asset tracking.

You can count on QR codes to monitor inventory based on the codes' GPS location and scanning timeline. You can also share these details with clients who want to keep tabs on their parcels.

QR codes are damage-resistant.

A QR code is still functional even if up to 30% of it is already damaged. It is bound to happen to products that are shipped and constantly processed, which exposes them to factors that cause easy wear and tear.

QR codes use cloud technology.

A large-scale inventory needs to be accessible through the cloud if you don't want employees to update the records only if they are in an office. QR codes live online, so that you can access them anywhere.

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