How to Generate Free QR Codes to Simplify Business

There are various methods to simplify your business without allocating a ton of resources. One is automating some of your processes, like making smart forms when you generate free QR codes.

This strategy is essential, especially now that business processes are becoming intelligent at a rapid rate. And those that are not moving towards automating their operations might be bound to lose the game.

Without this, you won't be able to save resources and increase efficiency like other organizations. So, one of the best ways to start automating and simplifying your business is by putting QR codes on your forms.

QR Codes for Forms

Before the recent pandemic, businesses were already gathering leads through digital forms. It's not hard to see why. Digital forms are convenient to manage, contactless, and more effective when capturing leads. In fact, a report revealed that over 50% of organizations use online forms as their core process for lead generation. Of course, this was no surprise, as 45% of form data were submitted through mobile devices.

You can target a larger audience with a QR code by putting it on posters, billboards, catalogs, or other marketing assets. Hence, it allows you to connect online and offline with more people.

How to Make Your QR Code Online

You can streamline your business process conveniently. How? By generating a free QR code for your form. Here's what you need to follow to create yours for free:

  • Look for a platform that offers a form and QR code free download, like Formbot.
  • Please choose your preferred form template or design your own via its drag-and-drop feature.
  • Set up your form
  • Once done, generate its QR code and download it.
  • Place your form's QR code in various marketing collaterals, including posters, newsletters, social media, email, etc.
Generate Free QR Code

Generate Free QR Code for Your Form and Use it to Simplify business

After familiarizing yourself with a free QR code maker, it's essential to take advantage of it by ensuring you know where and when to use your QR.

Here are some of the ideas letting you collect forms and generate more leads with a QR code:


If you're aiming for more leads, you can launch campaigns on social media. Almost everyone, if not all, is there already. All you have to do is ensure that you target the right group for your form.

You can use amazing visuals and catchy captions to make people's heads turn. Make them feel valued and that you're not only after their data for your benefit. For instance, you can offer them a discount when they answer your form. Signing up on your online form will make them ahead of the line to know about your latest products, services, and promotions.

Generate QR Codes for Free

You can also entice them by noting that those who sign up will always get an exclusive promo from you. That sounds like a win-win situation.


Meanwhile, if you want to collect forms from leads or if you already have recent customers, you can deliver them a QR code via email or newsletter. This way, you can nurture them by asking them about their opinion about your products and services. Moreover, it will be one of the most personal ways to get feedback or insights from people who already have first-hand experience with your company, giving you a chance to improve your offers.


You can also collect forms when you attach your QR code to your product label. This way, those buying your product can answer your form in a snap. To attract them, make sure to offer value/benefits, like giving them discounts or a chance to win a special prize.


Now comes the exciting part. Save time and resources when you generate a free QR code for your forms!

For instance, a person who will see your marketing campaign outdoors can be interested in your products and services, and instead of looking for ways to reach out to you, they can easily connect by sending forms when they scan your QR code. It also increases your chances of gathering leads—outside your paid content on social media and other platforms.

Want to Generate A Free QR Code?

To simplify your business process, generate a QR code for your forms. Integrating this into your marketing strategy will make collecting forms and gathering potential customers faster, more accessible, and affordable.

Are you interested? Formbot allows businesses to create FREE online forms and, at the same time, generate their QR code for FREE! Learn more about Formbot here.

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